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Our production facilities are located in the organized industrial zone of Kayseri-İncesu central district. It is the largest facility of Turkey on a 250 thousand m2 of land with 50 thousand m2 enclosed area, with its 100% domestic capital. Equipped with advanced technology, the facility can produce in any size and type with 80 thousand tons/ year capacity.

As Terrawool, we work to make the end-users who use our materials through all our dealers feel that we are always with them before and after the application. To this end, we will endeavor to produce quality works and give our foremen the courses and in-service trainings and continue these trainings on a regular basis.

His Tekstil, our group company and the founder and owner of our factory, was established at the 1st Organized Industrial Zone, Kayseri in 1996 on a 67.000 m2 of land and has 48.000 m2 of enclosed area and it continues its activity at our ring facility of 66.048 spindle capacity.


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