Product Detail

It is a stone wool fiber material that is produced without using binders and resistant to high temperatures, not having a certain form and it is used in the areas where the plate or blanket is not used.

Application Areas

It is used in uneven surfaces requiring high temperature resistance, double walled doors, laboratory devices and electrical home appliances, building components, power cable and installation passages.

Application Principles

Terrawool Bulk stone wool should be applied to the areas without leaving any spaces. The average density of the insulation is 40 kg/m3.

Technical Table

Product IDDensityThicknessDimensions
(mm x mm)
Package (piece)m²/Package

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Reminders on Loading, Unloading, Transport and Storage:

  • It should be done in closed areas in rainy weather.
  • Stretch the canvas even when hey are shipped for short distances.
  • It should be stored in the package and the damaged package should not be used.
  • Packages should not be stacked on top of each other.
  • The products are not be stepped on or used as a step.
  • Before pulling with rope, hard cardboard with dimensions of 50×20 cm size should be
    placed under the rope.
  • Storage area should be closed to prevent leakage during rain, flooding etc.
  • The storage floor must be flat and non-slippery.
  • Loading and unloading should be done with the roof crane.
  • Plates should be carefully transported to the application area by two persons.
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